Raj Morjaria


Raj Morjaria – Committee Member (Independent)

My name is Raj Morjaria and I have been a Pharmacist contractor in North Staffordshire for the past two decades. I am a member of the LPC and previously a local PSNC representative.

I have a number pharmacies in the locality, one is an essential small Pharmacy and hence, I can represent the views of most local contractors.

I would like to ensure a fair deal for our profession and would ensure that local contractors do not get left behind especially the small independents. The small independent sector will be entry point for Pharmacists who aspire to own their own Pharmacy.

I want every Pharmacy to offer a high quality service with a fair reimbursement. One vision being that all Pharmacies in our region matching services offered by the best. I would endeavor to and ensure that accreditation will be locally delivered via the CCG, LA and NHSE and available to ALL contractors.