The demand for MDS trays has steadily risen over the past years. Currently, every patient that is discharged from hospital with a domiciliary care package, and who needs medication, is supplied with a MDS tray automatically. Once on a MDS, patients tend to stay on them, even if at some point in the future, their ability to cope with their medicines without a tray improves.

As these patients have a domiciliary care package i.e. home help, their MDS tray is not provided solely under the terms of the Equality Act.

MDS provision on discharge puts a huge strain on hospital pharmacy as the patients discharge is often arranged with very little notice. Hospital pharmacies may get almost no notice of the need to prepare a MDS tray. Similarly, community pharmacies often get asked for MDS following discharge with little or no notice. There is a cost to preparing and supplying MDS trays for these carers, which is not included in the national pharmacy contract.


The LPC have been working with UHNM hospital into ensure there is a reduction in MDS trays. With this in mind, Healthcare at Home domiciliary carers are being trained to provide medicines support to their clients without the need for a MDS tray. the MAR chart is the one that Healthcare at Home Carers have been trained on and thus, we would encourage you to use the same Chart. The team will use a specfic MAR chart MaPPs2 Mar word version Dec 18 final

and a PDF version MaPPs2-Mar-word-version-Dec-18-PDF

Therefore, patients who enter hospital, who are not on a MDS tray, will not be discharged with a MDS tray. If they require medicines on discharge then these will be supplied in original packs with a MAR Chart.  Note: Patients who come into hospital using a MDS tray will still be discharged on a MDS tray.

We are asking community pharmacies to continue to support patients with their medication, but rather than preparing a MDS tray, they should supply medication in original packs along with a standardised MAR chart, hopefully saving you money and time.

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MaPPs2 Mar word version Dec 18 final


DRAFT version Home First MAR Chart Service Discharge Pilot pharmacy briefing

TTO Pathway MAR Project17.12.18

Medication Information to Discharge Patients v 3 18.12.18