EPS deployment process

EPS Deployment Process

  • Practice expression of interest
  • Monthly report is sent to NHS England detailing a list of practices using EPS and any scheduled practices.
  • CCG review list of pharmacies in scope (2% or more) from CCG prescription flow data.
  • CCG\CSU schedules a kick off meeting at the practice where the Business Change date and go-live date are agreed (go-live is scheduled 9 weeks or more after the kick-off).
  • Usually 3-5 required pharmacies are notified and contacted to obtain readiness
  • Pharmacy gets ready, see http://www.northstaffslpc.co.uk/resources/electronic-prescription-service-eps/preparing-to-go-live/
  • Agree Go Live Date with practice – at least 9 weeks from EPS Kick Off – inform medicines management so they can complete any remedial work with the practice prior to go live
  • CCG schedule business change session (just prior to go live) – practice to invite pharmacies
  • Pharmacy continues to nominate patients, particularly those collecting repeats from 5 weeks prior to go live
  • Scripts are sent by practice at go-live (usually by about lunch time) and pharmacy ensures they can process ok before the practice go-live support team leaves the practice premises


Full detailed process available at  http://systems.hscic.gov.uk/eps/library/depmodel.pdf