preparing to go live

The key to a smooth transition to EPS2 rests with all parties being well prepared, pharmacies and regular practices opening up a good communication dialogue between them, and ensuring the prescription tracker is downloaded and staff know how to use it. Provided the pharmacy starts preparing early there should not be any major showstoppers at go-live. The first step is to ensure you know who your smart card sponsor is or take steps to put a sponsor in place at the pharmacy if there isn’t one. Guidance is available on becoming a sponsor under the smartcard section of the EPS area of this LPC website. The last step is to test everything by either downloading a test script (ask your system supplier to send this) or ask a member of staff or family member who is registered at a GP surgery which is already live on EPS2 to nominate your pharmacy. The steps that need to be taken in between are covered in the go live check list in this section where you will find all the relevant information and resources to enable a speedy, well prepared transition to a successful go-live.

  •  CCG\CSU submit the approval request to NHS England
  • NHS England Approval authorised
  • Business change session takes place at the practice (usually 2 weeks before go-live) – CCG\CSU invite pharmacies
  • Pharmacy continues to nominate patients, particularly those collecting repeats from 5 weeks prior to go live (Nominations should be reconfirmed for patients at the practice going live if they have been obtain more than 6 weeks before)
  • Scripts are sent by practice at go-live (usually by about lunch time) and pharmacy ensures they can process ok before the practice go-live support team leaves the practice premises

 Full detailed process available at

Pharmacy go live checklist

To help your pharmacy be ready for Go Live print off the following pharmacy guide and ensure available to staff Pharmacy-Go-live-guide

System supplier training matrix

Prescription tracker

Ordering tokens

All dispensing tokens are now ordered on-line via PCSE. Below is a link to their ‘How to order’ page on the website.

All pharmacies should have received a letter asking them to register on the portal a few months ago, and within this letter is a unique identification number. This is required as part of the registration process. If a pharmacy has not received this letter, or has lost it, then there is guidance on the PCSE website about how to obtain this number.