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Electronic Repeat dispensing (eRD)

Following the roll-out of eRD to 21 “Beacon” practices across Stoke and Staffordshire the project team at Midlands and Lancashire CSU have developed an EPS & eRD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document – please download via the link below:

EPS FAQs:    Electronic Prescriptions – notes to pharmacy v1.2

ERD Support Guide:   Community Pharmacy Support Guidance v2.1 October 2018

Contractors and Pharmacy Teams:

please check this section on a regular basis for the latest local and national news regarding EPS


All dispensing tokens are now ordered on-line via PCSE. Below is a link to their ‘How to order’ page on the website.

All pharmacies should have received a letter asking them to register on the portal a few months ago, and within this letter is a unique identification number. This is required as part of the registration process. If a pharmacy has not received this letter, or has lost it, then there is guidance on the PCSE website about how to obtain this number.


ALL pharmacy communication EPS Phase 4 FINAL FOR PRINTING (PSNC Approved)

HSCIC newsletter

North Staffordshire and Stoke roll out plans

this document will inform you of GPs surgeries going live with EPS and the expected date. You should check this on a monthly basis.

GP Practice List – EPS R2 Rollout Plans april may and june 2017

GP Practice List – EPS R2 Rollout Plans (6)


GP Practice List – EPS R2 Rollout Plans (4) aug sept oct

GP Practice List – EPS R2 Rollout Plans July and August

GP Practice List – EPS R2 Rollout Plans (2)

GP Practice List – EPS R2 Rollout Plans (1)June, July, Aug

GP Practice List – EPS R2 Rollout Plans march and april

EPS rollout for Nov 2015

EPS Rollout Oct 2015

EPS Rollout stoke and N Staffs – Sept 2015

EPS rollout plan – stoke & north staffs Aug

EPS rollout Plan – Stoke & N.Staffs july

Monthly updated Go live list for Staffordshire and Stoke on trent

North Staffordshire LPC03082015


HSCIC Deployment & Usage Report + Latest Statistics

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