QPS Healthy Living Pharmacy

Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) self-assessment on PharmOutcomes

On the day of the review, the pharmacy is a Healthy Living Pharmacy level 1 (self-assessment).

20 points for achieving the criterion; can be claimed once in April OR November

The Healthy Living Pharmacy: Level 1 quality criteria were produced by Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and set out the criteria that pharmacies must achieve to gain HLP Level 1 status.

PharmOutcomes have uploaded the criteria onto the system and in addition have produced a self-assessment module so that you can self-assess your pharmacy against the criteria – every pharmacy in Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent has access to this module.

You will find the self assessment module under the assessments tab of PharmOutcomes.

This quality criterion is claimable only once (at either review point) and is worth 20 points.


The aim of this quality criterion is to maximise the role of the pharmacy in prevention of ill health, reduction of disease burden, reduction of health inequalities and in support of health and wellbeing. The Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) concept is designed to develop (in respect of health and wellbeing services):

  • the community pharmacy workforce
  • community pharmacy engagement with the general public (including “Making Every Contact Count”)
  • community pharmacy engagement with local stakeholders such as local authorities, voluntary organisations and other health and social care professionals
  • the environment in which health and wellbeing services are delivered.


In order to meet this quality criterion, the pharmacy must on the day of the review  be meeting the requirements of a level 1 HLP as defined by Public Health England (PHE) or have been accredited as an HLP locally between 1 December 2014 and 28 April 2017.

This may be demonstrated in one of the following ways:

  • For those who have never been an HLP – you need to have an entry in the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) online register as a profession-led self-assessed HLP level 1 if your pharmacy has NOT been previously accredited.   NB: Contractors do not need to notify RSPH that they intend to become a HLP Level 1.   Contractors  only need to notify RSPH once they are ready to register as a HLP Level 1 by completing the assessment of compliance on the RSPH website.  Important: Using this route your pharmacy is not an HLP Level 1 until RSPH has confirmed registration and provided the HLP logo and certificate. RSPH will endeavour to contact contractors by mail or email within 10 working days after they have received the submitted online assessment of compliance.
  • For those who became HLPs between 1.12.14 and 28.4.17 – a copy of the signed and dated documentation that demonstrates that between 1 December 2014 and 28 April 2017 the pharmacy was accredited as a HLP level 1 locally. Pharmacies that have been accredited between 1 December 2014 and 28 April 2017, do not need to go through the profession led self-assessment process led by PHE to qualify for the quality payment and therefore do not need to register with the RSPH registry
  • For those who became HLPs before 1.12.14 – a copy of the signed and dated documentation that demonstrates that the pharmacy was accredited as a HLP level 1 prior to 1 December 2014 and that the contractor has completed the profession led self-assessment and are meeting the requirements of a level 1 HLP as defined by PHE on the day of the review, without the pharmacy being listed on the RSPH registry. NHSE require certification of previous HLP status and the LPC will work towards ensuring that your HLP has a certificate for your folder before the first review point.

Whichever route you are taking to be an HLP you will be expected to have a portfolio of evidence retained in the pharmacy which supports your HLP status.

For those pharmacies which do not need to be listed on the RSPH registry to qualify for QPS – ie those who have already been registered as an HLP:

We recommend that you download and sign the RSPH declaration, sign it and keep it  within your portfolio of evidence.

Pharmacies wishing to become Healthy Living Pharmacies for the first time:

Please note that registration with the RSPH registry has been commissioned by PHE and is only open to those pharmacies that have undertaken the profession led self-assessment process and have not been previously accredited as an HLP.

This registry is a pilot and is open to a maximum of 500 pharmacies until 31.3.2017. Pharmacies wishing to meet this criterion should access the registry here.   We are awaiting further information as to what the process will be after 31.3.2017

Please be aware that the pilot was set up to test the self-assessment process and RSPH/PHE will be inspecting a sample of the 500 who complete the declaration as part of the pilot as part of their ongoing quality assurance process which will test whether the self-accreditation process is deemed robust enough to continue.

Further information for pharmacies who self-assess themselves as meeting the requirements of a level 1 HLP as defined by PHE19 after 28 April 2017 will be published here.

Existing Staffordshire and Stoke Healthy Living Pharmacies DO need to complete the self-accreditation process:

Although many of our Staffordshire and Stoke pharmacies have been accredited as HLPs this process was completed over 2 years ago and so despite negotiations between PSNC and NHSE around  a ‘grand-parenting’ approach for existing HLPs it is not expected that this will apply to Staffordshire and Stoke HLPs.

Existing Staffordshire and Stoke Healthy Living Pharmacies WILL NOT need to retrain existing Healthy Living Champions:

There is no reference to the need for repeated training in the HLP quality requirements, so as long as a contractor has staff in post that have undertaken the relevant training, that will meet the requirements.


Other frequently asked questions (FAQs) on HLP can be found on the RSPH website.