QPS Summary Care Record

Use of the NHS Summary Care Record (SCR)

On the day of the first review, the pharmacy can demonstrate a total increase in access to Summary Care Records between Monday 28 November 2016 to Sunday 30 April  2017 compared to the preceding period of 27 June 2016 to Sunday 27 November 2016.

On the day of the second review, the pharmacy can demonstrate a total increase to access to Summary Care Records between Monday 1 May 2017 and 24 November 2017 in comparison to the previous 7 months from 3 October 2016 to Sunday April 30 2017.

5 points per review – contractors can claim points in BOTH April and November (10 points in total)


The aim of this quality criterion is to encourage pharmacies to access information about the patient to support clinical decision-making. Summary Care Records (SCRs) should be accessed as part of daily practice when required to support professional decision making. Examples of use in practice include resolving prescription queries, advising patients on suitable medication, providing emergency supplies and when carrying out medication reviews.


To claim for this quality criterion at either review point, the pharmacy must have access to the SCR and must have accessed the SCR on at least one more occasion in period 2 compared to period 1.

It is noted that NHS Digital report the number of times a pharmacy has accessed the SCR in full weeks (Monday to Sunday), therefore NHS England has agreed with NHS Digital that a Quality Payments SCR Viewing calculator will be provided.  This will show the number of times the pharmacy has viewed the SCR in period 1 and period 2 (as defined in Table below).  NHS England will accept an increase from period 1 to period 2 shown in the NHS Digital calculator available here as evidence of meeting this quality criterion.

Periods for reviewing access to SCR in relation to the reviews

For 28 April 2017 review point Period 1 is Monday 27 June 2016 to Sunday 27 November 2016   Period 2 is Monday 28 November 2016 to Sunday 30 April 2017
For 24 November 2017 review point Period 1 is Monday 3 October 2016 to Sunday 30 April 2017 Period 2 is Monday 1 May 2017 to Sunday 26 November 2017

This information will be updated weekly on Thursdays (with the previous week’s viewing figures).

How do I get access to SCR?

New guidelines to allow pharmacies to access SCR: There is a new process to allow community pharmacies to access SCR – PSNC have published a briefing on this and a checklist which outlines the process to follow if you missed the F2F training.


NB Individual pharmacy professionals must have passed the CPPE e-assessment on SCR in order to access the SCR system.  You must tick the box on your “My CPPE” screen to allow the CPPE system to “talk” to the NHS Digital system – this then means the systems work together to grant access for you to the SCR system when you are working in a pharmacy which can access SCR.   If you do not enable this on the CPPE website it may result in you not being able to access SCR.

You DO NOT need to send your smart card for updating – this process is now done electronically as described above.

Q. Is the QPS claimable in addition to the SCR Allowance?

A. From April 2017 the QPS scheme starts and the payment for SCR on QPS is not dependent on the pharmacy having claimed the SCR allowance.

Q. What was the SCR allowance?

A: The March 2016 Drug Tariff Part VIA notified pharmacy contractors that to support the implementation of the Summary Care Record (SCR) to community pharmacies, they will be paid an allowance of £200 from the 1 March 2016, subject to certain conditions being met.  The £200 allowance was triggered when the pharmacy contractor submitted the SCR in Community Pharmacy Usage Agreement to the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) and accessed the SCR. The allowance was paid once, irrespective of any subsequent premises merger, sale or relocation.  The allowance was time-limited and ceased on the 31 March 2017.