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Care Identity Service

It is of paramount importance that patients are confident that their medical records are kept safe, secure and confidential in line with The Care Record Guarantee for England. To achieve this objective all healthcare professionals/worker requiring access to Spine enabled systems (such as EPS) must be registered with a national digital identity, issued a NHS Smartcard and assigned an appropriate access control position according to their healthcare role.

The Care Identity Service is the new Smartcard registration application available to organisations required to manage Registration Authority activities. As an integrated application, it enables an automated ‘workflow’ approach that provides greater levels of governance, accountability, auditability and enables more efficient ways of working.

All previous electronic systems used to manage smartcards are now obsolete and following the transition to the CareId system all paper based requests will be phased out with the expectation that all sponsors will be able to carry out the relevant processes relating to management of smart cards online using CareId.


staff smart card leaflet

to obtain a smart card for use in North Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent see details here SmartCard Help Support_1410031608