Extra Info – Local Services

Service Specific Information for completing Declaration of Competence (DoC) in Staffordshire


Staffordshire EHC service

The commissioners require you to pass the CPPE e-assessments in EHC and safeguarding every 3 years.

You should have a valid DBS certificate.

You will be required to complete a DoC with this information from 1st April 2015


Staffordshire Observed consumption of methadone and buprenorphine from April 1st 2015

One Recovery require the lead pharmacist at every pharmacy and also the nominated pharmacist (if there is one at your pharmacy) to compete the DoC to show they have completed the CPPE distance learning course “Substance Use and Misuse” (August 2006) or have previously completed “Opiate treatment: Supporting pharmacists for improved patient care” – this information will automatically be recorded in your DoC.

You may also record information on any local training attended in the “learning and assessment completed from other providers” section of the DoC