How to Complete DoC updated August 2015

How to Complete a Declaration of Competence on the CPPE website

1.    Log on to the CPPE website

2.    On CPPE homepage you can either select the “Providing NHS and pharmacy services” pathway (the light blue box from the row of pathways across the home page) OR scroll down to the bottom of the CPPE home page and select Declaration of Competence from the Quick Links list.

3.    Now click the Declaration of Competence box.

4.    Scroll down and Click on the blue bar at the bottom of the paragraph “ Declaration of Competence” and you will reveal an explanation about the steps involved in completing your  DoC

 5.    Select the service you are interested in from the list on the right hand side of the screen

You will now see 5 blu boxes relating to the Doc; the first 4 outline the steps involved, the 5th is a link back to choose a different service.

Step 1 provides you with a list of the learning linked to the competences for the service. It also shows a record of when you have completed this learning, providing guidance on learning you may wish to revisit or access for the first time.

Step 2 provides a list of the assessment(s) associated with the service and a personal record of your assessment completion.

Step 3 allows you to access the self-assessment tool for completion. You can read more guidance about working through the process.

Step 4 will generate your personalised Declaration of Competence and Qualifications certificate, which may be provided to commissioners and/or employers when required.

Step 5 allows you to confirm that you have completed a DoC. and add the date you signed it. This information is then stored in you CPPE record.

6.    Click on step 4:

7.    Now select the link to CPPE Declaration of Competence

This will produce a personalised PDF which is pre-populated with any CPPE learning you have undertaken e-assessments passed. This information is a list of all of the CPPE learning and assessments you have completed which has been identified by Health Education England and CPPE as relevant to the service in question.

There will also be learning which has been specifically requested by local commissioners and may have been provided locally by other training providers. This should be added in the box titled

“Learning and assessment completed from other providers”

8.    Please note that you can type into the interactive PDF so you can either add the extra information to the PDF onscreen before you print it or you can print it off and write details of your other training in the box. It is advisable that you add the information and save your DoC before printing it off for signing so you also have an electronic version of the completed document.

You MUST print out and sign and date the DoC for it to be complete.

Click on step 5:

When you click on Step 5 you are asked to confirm that you have completed a DoC for a particular service and you are required to add the date you signed it. This information is then stored in you CPPE record.

Updating the DoC

 If you update your learning and want to re-sign a DoC or at the end of 3 years when you are required to renew the declaration to show you comply with the commissioners requirements for regular updates – simply complete a new DoC by repeating steps 4 and 5