Service Enrolment with DoC (updated August 2015)

How to Enrol for a Service and Share your Declaration of Competence (DoC) with commissioners via PharmOutcomes   (updated August 2015)

For many services you are simply required to confirm that you have completed a DoC for that service, however, if a commissioner wished to view your DoC for a particular service, this can now be done via the CPPE viewer.

When you complete Step 5 of the DoC process on the CPPE website your DoC will show in your “My CPPE” record and so is available for commissioners to view – it confirms the DoC was signed, the date you signed it and the learning you completed. The commissioner does not need to be a pharmacist to use the CPPE viewer function.

You can also authorise PharmOutcomes to share your DoC in advance of using the PharmOutcomes system

To enable CPPE and allow PharmOutcomes access follow these steps:

Log on to the CPPE website  and select the “My CPPE” box

 CPPE Viewer:

Scroll down to the CPPE viewer section.

Click on “Edit details”

Tick box to enable CPPE viewer and “Save”

 Allowing PharmOutcomes Access:

Scroll down to the PharmOutcomes section.

Click on “Edit details”

Tick box to allow data to be shared with PharmOutcomes and “Save”

 Enrolling for service provision on PharmOutcomes

Where a commissioner is using a DoC as the accreditation tool for a service there will be a link on PharmOutcomes when you log on and enter the service module. The first time the pharmacist logs into a service they will need to complete the enrolment module.

Enter your full name (as registered with GPhC) and GPhC number

Now click on the box “confirm with CPPE”.

If you have already completed the stage above to give CPPE permission to share you DoC the system will be given the date you downloaded the DoC for this service.

If you have not given permission for CPPE to share the information you can do this now before you proceed with the rest of the process.

Once CPPE have confirmed the date you downloaded your DoC you are asked to click in the box and choose the date that you signed the DoC (it must be signed by you to be classed as a completed DoC)

Now click the “enrol” box.

You will receive a message on the screen from PharmOutcomes informing you if you have fully met the enrolment requirements and if you have not fully met and there is a grace period how many days you have left to complete the enrolment fully.