Pharmacy First Emergency Supply Service (Local Service)

Pharmacy First Emergency Supply Service 2017-18

The new SLA for the local emergency supply service just been circulated, it was not possible to send it out sooner due to uncertainties around how the local service and NUMSAS will work together.  You should sign and return that to NHSE locally ( as soon as possible to ensure that you stay on the lists circulated to CCGs, OOH providers etc

Letter from Andy Pickard PFS Emergency Supply letter 2017

Service Spec (SLA) Emergency Supply Service SLA FINAL 31.03.2017

NHS111 will no longer refer patients to pharmacies offering the local service, they will refer patients to NUMSAS pharmacies once the NUMSAS service goes live.

All of the other original routes into the service remain in place except that the NHS111 referral route has been removed from the local service in the new SLA.

The terms of the new SLA will state that you can offer the emergency supply over all of your opening hours, even when the patient’s GP surgery is open at the discretion of the pharmacist as to the urgency of the request and bearing in mind that just because a surgery is open it may not mean the patient can get a prescription straight away.  This change has been introduced so the local service is available for the same hours as the nationally commissioned NUMSAS service.

When you sign up to offer the local emergency supply service you are committing to offering the service during your core and supplementary hours.

Locum pharmacists are expected to deliver the service in your absence and you must ensure they understand how the service operates.

How do I sign up for the local emergency supply service under the new SLA?

 Pharmacies will shortly be receiving the new SLA which comes into force at the end of March 2017 and in order to offer the local service you will be required to sign the SLA and return a copy of the signature page to Andy Pickard at NHSE on

You must sign and return this even if you are currently offering the local emergency supply service as sign up is on an annual basis.

For those who work for a group or multiple: signing up to NUMSAS and/or the local service?

Please be aware that the multiples are doing central sign-ups for pharmacy services and branches often do not have the authority to sign an SLA on behalf of the company.

There are two things you could do:

Check that your services manager, area manager or superintendent have had a copy of the SLA so that the sign-up process can be followed.

Find out if you have been signed up to provide a service as we are keen to avoid the situation where head office have signed you up and you are unaware and turn patients away.



Pharmacy First Emergency Supply Service 2017-18


Emergency Supply Service SLA FINAL 010416 V1 (1)

Pharmacies providing the 2017-18 service:


North Staffs, Stoke

Emergency Supply North Staffs Sept 2017

Emergency Supply Stoke on Trent Sept 2017

South Staffordshire and Shropshire:

Emergency Supply Cannock Chase Sept 2017

Emergency Supply East Staffs Sept 2017

Emergency Supply South East and Seisdon Sept 2017

Emergency Supply Stafford and Surrounds Sept 2017

Emergency Supply Telford Sept 2017

Emergency Supply Shropshire Sept 2017