Pharmacy First Extended Care Service


Following a successful pilot NHSE have now identified funding to allow 25 pharmacies across Staffordshire and Shropshire offer this service.

The Pharmacy First Extended Care Service for ENT & Eye aims to provide eligible patients who are registered with a GP practice contracted to NHS England North Midlands Staffordshire and Shropshire Area (NHSE S&S) with access to medication via Community Pharmacy for the treatment of ear, nose, throat (ENT) conditions  and for acute bacterial conjunctivitis not suitable for treatment under the Pharmacy First Common Ailments Service. The service can ONLY be provided through Community Pharmacies contracted to NHS England North Midlands Staffordshire and Shropshire Area (NHSE S&S) who have been selected for the service and have signed the Service Level Agreement.

May 2019: The scheme is being extended to include treatment for infected eczema and infected insect bites.  Pharmacists need to attend an extra training session on skin and the pharmacy will need to sign the skin SLA.

All Extended Care Pharmacies will be able to offer the skin service once their pharmacists have attended the training and a copy of the signature page of the SLA has been received by AND

Aims of the scheme

The overall aim of the scheme is to ensure that patients can access self-care advice for the treatment of ENT and Eye, where appropriate, can be supplied antibiotics or other appropriate treatments as the pharmacist see fit at NHS expense to treat their condition. This provides an alternative location from which patients can seek advice and treatment, rather than seeking treatment via  a prescription from their GP or out of hours (OOH) provider, walk in centre or accident and emergency.

  • Educate patient’s to seek advice and treatment from the most appropriate healthcare setting
  • Improve patient’s access to advice and appropriate treatment for these ailments via Community Pharmacy
  • Reduce GP workload for these ailments allowing greater focus on more complex and urgent medical conditions
  • Promote the role of the pharmacist and self-care
  • Improve working relationships between doctors and pharmacists

The service is offered as a quicker alternative for patients to access healthcare. Patient may choose to refuse this service and continue to access treatments in the same way as they have done previously.

Pharmacies Offering the Extended Care (ENT, Eye and Infected Insect Bites and Eczema) Service:

Please check the attached document.  Those pharmacies offering this service will have a tick in the relevant column on the spreadsheet.

Pharmacy Services Sign-Ups Sept 2019


All recording of service provisions will be via  PharmOutcomes and the participating pharmacies will be given access to these modules.

Service Paperwork

This is all available on the South Staffs LPC website –

please follow this link to the information.