National Flu Vaccination Service starts again 1st September 2017 – are you ready?

Up to date information for 2017-18 can be found on the PSNC website

Claims info can be found at the bottom of this page

The national Flu Vaccination Service starts 1st September, so for those of you who have received stock of flu vaccinations and are planning to start vaccinating here’s a reminder of all the things that community pharmacy contractors must have done prior to providing the service.

You must have:

  • a Standard Operating Procedure (detailing all the requirements of the amended Directions) and a needle stick injury procedure in place, and have ensured all staff involved in the service have received appropriate training in regards to these procedures;
  • ensured your consultation room meets the requirements specified in the service specification;
  • notified NHS England of your intention to begin providing the service by completing the notification form available on the NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) websiteThis must be done annually therefore even if a contractor provided the service in last year they must complete this sign-up process again;
  • ensured all pharmacists providing the service from your pharmacy are competent to do so, which includes them having completed the Declaration of Competence for the service and therefore having signed a copy of the Patient Group Direction, which is also signed by the Authorising Manager;
  • advised pharmacists providing the service that they should consider being vaccinated against hepatitis B and have advised them of the risks if they decided not to be vaccinated; and
  • an anaphylaxis pack available in the pharmacy and have ensured that staff know where this is and what to do if a patient has an anaphylactic reaction (an anaphylaxis card is available on the PSNC website which can be kept by the phone to guide staff on calling an ambulance if a patient has an anaphylactic reaction to a vaccination).

We would also recommend that the following have been completed prior to providing the service.

You should have:

  • ensured all members of the team have reviewed the paperwork for the service so they understand what needs to be completed;
  • ensured all members of the team have reviewed the IT platform for recording patient questionnaire details so they can help patients use this (if, for example, being used on a tablet device in the pharmacy), explain to patients how to use it if they choose to access the IT platform at another time or so team members can input data directly from paper copies of the patient questionnaire;
  • printed copies of:
    • the Record & Consent Form (please note, Staffordshire and Shropshire using PharmOutcomes to record patient details you will not need to print blank copies of the consent form as the systems will allow you to print copies with the patient details pre-populated which can then be used to obtain patient consent);
    • the GP Practice Notification Form (this is not required if you are using a PharmOutcomes to notify GPs);
    • the Patient Questionnaire (for patients who choose to fill in the questionnaire on paper rather than using the IT platform available from NHS England); and
  • have made arrangements for the removal and safe disposal of any clinical waste related to the provision of the service.

Claims for payment:

The PharmOutcomes system can be used to record the flu jab and this will do the automatic notification to the GP practice BUT it will NOT claim payment for jabs give.


You are required to submit monthly claim forms to NHS BSA

ensure you submit your claims on time as NHS England have stated that late claims will NOT be paid so you must submit all claims before the final deadline.