How to claim for services using PharmOutcomes

PharmOutcomes Service Modules

EHC: commissioned by Staffordshire Public Health or Stoke on Trent Council

  1. Patient registration – complete once per patient
  2. Stage 1 consultation – complete for every consultation – generates consultation fee
  3. Stage 2 LNG or UPA – choose relevant module depending on drug supplied, generates payment

OBSERVED CONSUMPTION: commissioned by Staffordshire Public Health; subcontracted by OneRecovery

  1. Pharmacy Sign Up Module – complete one per pharmacy
  2. Stage 1 Client Registration – complete once per client
  3. Stage 2 Supervision – complete once after last supply on Rx (or can be done in a batch at month end), generates payment for supervision then script submitted in normal way to claim payment for medication.

NEEDLE EXCHANGE: commissioned by Staffordshire Public Health; subcontracted by OneRecovery. NB; This service is available in Staffordshire pharmacies who have a contract with OneRecovery for Nx

  1. Client Registration – complete once per client
  2. Supply – complete once per client supply, generates payment.
  3. PharmOutcomes also triggers the annual retainer fee payment, paid in April each year.

COMMON AILMENTS: commissioned by NHS England

This was winter pressures funded service, originally called minor ailments

  1. Stage 1 Registration – complete once only for each patient.
  2. Stage 2 Consultation – detail of what was supplied. Generates payment

HLP CONTINENCE SERVICE: funded by educational grants from Astellas and Pfizer

  1. Continence Advice Service – complete for every consultation, generates payment