Staffordshire Healthy Lifestyle Service

Please note this service has been de-commissioned and the SSOTP email addresses or referral telephone number are no longer manned.

Pharmacies in the relevant areas can subcontract with SSOTP to deliver stop smoking. It doesn’t matter if they were delivering with Time to Quit before or not, ones that were can continue, ones that weren’t can be set up to deliver. The terms are as per last years Time to Quit subcontract.

If you offer the Time to Quit service you will find that clients may be referred to you for smoking cessation services (via the Healthy Lifestyle Hub).

Any pharmacy not delivering can refer smokers to the number and email on the letter.

All weight management referrals, alcohol reduction referrals, child weight management referrals should be made to the email/phone number shared in the following information.

As of 1st July 2015, Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Partnership Trust provides a Healthy Lifestyles Service across Staffordshire. The new service will provide support around weight management, stopping smoking and reducing alcohol intake (see below for eligibility criteria).

What does the new service replace? 

  • Adult weight management: Weight Watchers (Staffordshire-wide), Slimming World (North Staffordshire) and Waistlines (Southern Staffordshire).
  • Child weight management: Time 4 Sport (North Staffordshire), Healthy Kid5 (Southern Staffordshire) and Active Families (Stafford).
  • Structured exercise (Southern Staffordshire) and Exercise Referral (North Staffordshire) programmes.
  • All stop smoking programmes provided by a range of providers across the County.

For individuals who are not directly transferred into the new service, if a referral has been received by a previous service provider or a quit date has been set prior to 30th June 2015, that provider will continue the planned intervention.

How can patients access the new Healthy Lifestyle Service? 

For pharmacies providing smoking cessation with Time to Quit the pharmacy can simply sign up the client to the service.

Otherwise, a referral is needed from primary care (including from community pharmacy into the service).  Clients can access the new service – for weight management, alcohol and for smoking services where referring pharmacy does not offer Time to Quit service in the pharmacy.


Who can access the service?

The Healthy Lifestyles Service will be accessible to Staffordshire residents (excluding Stoke on Trent). Any children attending Staffordshire based schools (excluding Stoke on Trent) will also be eligible. Patients need to be motivated to change and one or more of the following lifestyle risk behaviours:

  • Smoking: Clients who smoke tobacco
  • Weight Management (adults): Clients (aged 16 and above) with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 28kg/m2 with co-morbidity(s) or clinical condition(s) or Clients with a BMI greater than 30 kg/ m2 (*see below).
  • Weight Management (children): Children aged between 2 and 15 years who are on or above the 91st BMI centile for weight and height (*see below).
  • Alcohol: Clients (aged 18 and above) scoring between 8 and 19 on the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT), identified as hazardous / harmful drinking.

* this definition assumes that any existing co-morbidity or clinical condition is considered sufficiently stable by a medical practitioner to benefit from basic healthy lifestyle advice (healthy eating and physical activity advice) unless such advice would cause deterioration in a Client’s:

  • general health and wellbeing and / or
  • comorbidities and / or
  • clinical condition

Where will patients be able to access the new service?

Support will be provided across the whole of Staffordshire. Accessibility will be through a variety of local venues with appointments available throughout week days and weekends, including evenings. More information will be provided by the Service provider if required, please contact

How long will support from the new Healthy Lifestyle Service be provided for?

Up to 12 months if it is needed.

Primary Care Subcontracting arrangements 

If your pharmacy has been previously sub contracted by Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Partnership Trust to provide stop smoking support, and you haven’t been made aware of the new service arrangements, please contact or the Stop Smoking Coordinator you have previously worked with.

What will the new Healthy Lifestyles Service offer? 

The new service will offer:

  • Brief interventions
  • Extended brief interventions (alcohol)
  • Stop smoking medications or access to pharmacotherapy alongside behavioural support
  • Telephone / online / peer support
  • Additional support programmes ranging from 10-12 weeks’ duration

Links to Information, Advice and Guidance and community alcohol, nutrition and physical activity programmes now available through a Healthy Staffordshire Hub (Tel: 0300 111 8006)