TCAM – hospital discharge info direct to pharmacies

What is TCAM?

This is a national programme allowing hospital pharmacists to use PharmOutcomes™ to refer patients nearing discharge to the patient’s chosen local community pharmacy. Patient information is sent electronically to the community pharmacy and includes: date of birth, postcode, NHS number, GP details and details of discharge medicines. A member of the community pharmacy team then contacts the patient (ideally within three days), to arrange for them to come in for a consultation. This visit may then result in the completion of a Medicines Use Review (until they are phased out), New Medicine Service and/or other suitable services; such as repeat dispensing, home delivery, stop smoking, flu vaccination etc…

Community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy colleagues in Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent STP have been working together with West Midlands AHSN to try and improve care for recently discharged patients where it is thought there would be potential benefit of a further intervention. Medicines Support (Hospital to Home) will be a new service which aims to ensure patients receive appropriate support from their community pharmacist soon after leaving hospital by using PharmOutcomes™ to pass messages securely to and from the hospital and community pharmacy.

Evidence has shown real benefits to patients receiving such interventions through reduced readmission rates back into hospital and improved health outcomes. The Pharmaceutical Journal has published an article about a similar scheme which you may wish to read:

Where will TCAM be used?

Some hospitals in our area will be launching their referral to community pharmacy service via the PharmOutcomes™ platform shortly.

From November 2019, University Hospitals North Midlands (County Hospital Stafford and Royal Stoke University Hospital) will be making referrals. In the New Year, it is likely that North Staffs Combined and the Haywood Hospital will also commence this service.

Queens Hospital in Burton are also expected to come on-line in the New Year.

Cannock Hospital is part of the Wolverhampton Trust which has just gone live and their first TCAM referral actually went through to a pharmacy today (29.10.2019).

Telford Hospital will be going live soon.

Other hospitals in the Midlands area are also either live or going live soon and this may have an impact on all of our pharmacies, you may get messages from these hospitals.

Local Launch Events were run in Shropshire and Staffordshire in November 2019 to provide details of how the service will affect you:

  • Key benefits to patients, hospital and community pharmacy
  • Real case studies
  • Operational aspects including PharmOutcomes™ process
  • Area Manager & Community Pharmacy team engagement

TCAM Launch Documentation:

Staffordshire TCAM Launch (first sites UHNM, County Hospital Stafford)

TCAM letter to Community Pharmacies – why it is important

TCAM Staffs – Q&A

TCAM to Community Pharmacies – user guide V2

PharmOutcomes Referral Service – TCAM Pharmacy Follow-up

WM TCAM letter to Community Pharmacy – Post Launch Event-Staffs

We are also providing a generic SOP for this service which you may use if you wish.  Simply adapt it to fit your requirements and add your pharmacy details as needed Staffordshire TCAM SOP

Cannock Chase Hospital (part of Wolverhampton Trust)

Wolverhampton trust is now live.

PharmOutcomes Referral Service – TCAM Pharmacy Follow-up

West Midlands TCAM letter to Community Pharmacy – Post Launch Event-Black Country FINAL

TCAM Black Country – QA – FINAL

Burton on Trent

Expected to go live in early 2020, documentation will be added as and when it becomes available.