CPCF Tasks

PSNC are producing Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) Checklists and publishing one each week highlighting what you can do to help get ready to deliver the new contract.  On this page we will summarise these for you, they appear below in the order they were sent out by PSNC.

1. Watch the PSNC webinar on the five year CPCF agreement. 

2.Register for the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) Manage Your Service (MYS) application.  This will allow you to access the system so you can claim the Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) aspiration payment (if you are eligible) and also to make a PQS declaration at the relevant time.  Also, this years Flu Jab service will be claimed for via this route plus this is where you will register your intention to deliver the Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS).   Read the FAQs on PSNC website before you do this and then you can use the MYS access authorisation form on the NHSA website.

3.Visit the CPPE page Pharmacy Quality Scheme- Getting Started.  Here you will find details of the four main learning and e-assessments linked to the 2019-20 PQS.  You might also like to visit the PQS pages on this website.

4.Check that your shared NHS mail account is in the pharmacy directory.  You can find more information on the NHS mail page on this website.

5.Check that your pharmacy is accredited as an HLP Level 1.  Visit the HLP page on this website for more information.

6.Read the CPCS service spec and sign up to provide the service.  There is a payment for the pharmacy if you sign up before 1st December 2019.  More info is available on this website on the CPCS page.

7.Watch the CPCS PSNC webinar

8.PQS – PSNC produced a PQS briefing which you can read and also check out our LPC PQS webpages.

9.Update your MUR SOP to reflect the changes in the target groups.  See the MUR page on this website.

10.Start working towards the asthma quality criterion.

11.Start getting your team ready for the diabetes quality criterion which starts on October 1st.

12.Read the CPCS toolkit ahead of providing the service from October.

13.Check out the changes relating to reimbursement and remuneration in the October Drug Tariff.  The amendments in Parts I, II and IIIA of the Drug Tariff which cover the Serious Shortages Protocols (SSPs) – familiarise yourself with the endorsement requirements, reimbursement and remuneration for supplies made in accordance with SSPs.  Establishment Payment changes are covered in Part VIA as are Transitional Payments.

CPCF Checklist 14. PQS: Make your Aspiration payment declaration

CPCF Checklist 15. PQS: Make sure you pharmacy team is ready to start working towards the diabetes quality criterion tomorrow

CPCF Checklist 16. Read the NHS England and NHS Improvement guidance for the Pharmacy Quality Scheme

CPCF Checklist 17. PQS: Update your NHS website profile and your DoS profile now

CPCF Checklist 18. PQS: Make sure all your patient-facing staff are Dementia Friends

CPCF Checklist 19. PQS: Be aware that you can now check the gateway dataset report

CPCF Checklist 20. PQS: Consider if you could be a Pharmacy PCN Lead

CPCF Checklist 21. PQS: Complete the Dementia-friendly environment checklist and action plan