NHS Mail

Whilst most pharmacies will have their NHSmail set up correctly, contractors are advised to make sure that their pharmacy’s account follows the naming style: nhspharmacy.location.pharmacynameODScode@nhs.net. This naming style indicates your email address appears in the community pharmacy directory so that other NHS providers can find your email address more easily when they need it.

If you think that such a shared email address was set up in the past, but are no longer sure about the details, you may need to raise a technical query. The process for raising queries is set out on our NHSmail webpage at: psnc.org.uk/nhsmailescalation.

If your pharmacy has never had a shared NHSmail account within the pharmacy directory, or you only have an ‘old-style shared’ account with the incorrect naming style, then you should use the NHSmail pharmacy registration portal to create a new shared pharmacy mailbox. You will also need to enter the details of pharmacy team members who will need access to the account; the first person listed within the portal will be granted ‘owner’ administrative rights for the shared pharmacy mailbox.

Each person listed within the registration portal will get their own new personal account (naming style: firstname.surname@nhs.net), personal inbox and personal login details – all connected to the shared pharmacy mailbox. Each staff member can regularly login to NHSmail to keep their account ‘active’. Read more about NHSmail and the registration process at: psnc.org.uk/nhsmail.