Finance Subcommittee

LPC Finance Subcommittee.


Although all members of the LPC are accountable for the LPC finances, the LPC has a finance sub-committee that oversees the treasurer’s work. The members for 2018-19 are;

Steven Cork – Treasurer

Nita Allen – CCA

Tania Cork

Sue Adams – Independent


Terms of Reference


The committee is chaired by a member other than the Treasurer.

2 other committee members representing CCA/Aim and independent contractors.


  • Provide advice and guidance to the treasurer in matters relating to the financial management of the committee
  • Provide advice and guidance to the committee on matters relating to financial good governance
  • Prepare a budget each year
  • Provide recommendations to the committee relating to expenses and remuneration of employees
  • Review and update the committee’s expenses policy annually
  • Advise the committee on an appropriate level of contractor levy
  • Consider and authorise items of expenditure where a decision needs to be made outside of full committee meetings
  • Monitor and advise on areas of conflict of interest
  • Scrutinise the current accounts and expenditure versus budget.


The committee will operate virtually by way of email, telephone or web. A full meeting will be held twice yearly prior to the main committee meeting.