Governance Subcommittee

Governance Sub-Committee

Tania Cork – Chief Officer

Ellie Lawton – CCA

Harpal Bhandal – Independent


Terms of Reference


Chaired by a member other than the Chief Officer.

2 other committee members representing CCA/Aim and independent contractors.


  • Provides advice and guidance to the Chief Officer in matters relating to the Nolan Principles in the governance management of the committee
  • Remind and ensure the full LPC committee are acting in accordance with LPC Nolan Principles
  • Provide advice and guidance to the sub-committee on matters relating to all aspects of part 2 of the PSNC self assessment guide of good governance
  • Review and update the part 2 of the PSNC self assessment guide of good governance
  • Monitor the Power to Act role and ensure all episodes are communicated to full LPC committee
  • Update and scrutinise, 6 monthly declaration of interest forms and inform full LPC committee
  • Ensure and review the running of the finance sub-committee in line with their ToR


The committee will operate virtually by way of email, telephone or web. A full meeting will be held twice yearly prior to the main committee meeting.