Acute Bacterial Conjunctivitis Tier 1 Service

Service News Updates:

Service News Updates:

Service restarting Monday October 11th 2021

Please note the eye service was paused on 22.3.2021 but it is restarting with an updated PGD on 11.10.2021.

2021 Chloramphenicol Proforma

Service covers whole of NHSE&I Midlands footprint plus deferred treatment allowed.

Area Covered by Service: the service is being expanded to cover the whole NHSE&I Midlands footprint and this means that from December 1st, in addition to treating patients registered with a GP in Shropshire and Staffordshire, you will be able to treat those registered with GPs in the East Midlands, Central Midlands and West Midlands areas. The PharmOutcomes modules have been edited to reflect this and when you enter the GP practice details, those in the correct region will be available to save while those outside the area are greyed out.

Deferred Treatment: many infections get better without antibiotic treatment. Deferring treatment gives the patient the opportunity to avoid antibiotics, reducing the use of antibiotics reduces the risk of the patient suffering from side-effects as well as reducing the risks of antimicrobial resistance.  Info on how to record deferred treatment on PharmOutcomes can be found on the PharmOutcomes extended care info page on this website.

This information is now hosted on South Staffs LPC website, it applies to pharmacies in the whole Midlands NHSE&I Region – follow this link