Both Staffordshire County Council and Stoke-on-Trent City Council commission this service from pharmacy


Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) is a new kind of technology that could enable us to identify and isolate more asymptomatic people who are at high likelihood of spreading coronavirus, whilst simultaneously minimising disruption for those who test negative.

The device detects a protein (antigen) produced by the virus at its most infectious stage, i.e. those with a high viral load. The test is complete in 30 minutes, and so gives real time results. There is no time lag between testing and receiving results to aid more prompt measures to reduce the risk of transmission in positive cases and to reassure those who test negative.

The test is for the asymptomatic population, i.e. those without symptoms of Covid-19, but who may carry the virus and be able to infect others without their knowledge. Therefore, the aim of this test is to identify background cases in the population that otherwise would remain a potential risk of transmission.

As you may have seen, CHS (Central Health Solutions – provider company) have been supporting several Local Authorities to deliver a Covid-19 Lateral Flow Testing service through community pharmacy. This has been very successful and we are now expanding to other Councils/areas including Staffordshire and Stoke

These screening tests are for asymptomatic people only – if people have any Covid-19 symptoms they should NOT visit a pharmacy. Usual guidance for protecting yourselves, your staff and other patients should be followed i.e. ensuring you wear and change PPE regularly, keep socially distant and wipe down all work areas and door handles between patients. You will be registered as a test site so will not need to isolate or close the pharmacy if you get a positive result. Please remember that these are patients that could be walking into your pharmacy to purchase an OTC medicine or pick up a prescription, and you would not know they have the virus. By testing, if positive, the patient will go home and isolate and not return to your pharmacy. We have now provided over 30,000 LFTs in pharmacy and no staff have contracted the virus through a positive patient having a test. We are seeing, on average, a 1% positivity rate, although this fluctuates amongst different areas.

Patients will book an appointment through an automated booking system on our website. You can control what days and times you will accept patients, will get a notification each time a patient books and all patient details will be shown on the booking.

The patient will do the test themselves so there is no contact between you/the patient. The test will need to take place in the consultation room or other suitable area. You will supervise to ensure the test is taken correctly (training will be provided). Once the patient has completed the test they will leave the pharmacy. You will interpret the result and enter on to the Government testing website. The patient will receive their results via text/email in just half hour.
This test can be supervised by any trained pharmacy member, it doesn’t have to be the pharmacist.
We will pay each pharmacy providing the service a set-up fee of £150 per pharmacy (this is so that you access training, have a premises that is fit for purpose i.e. buying a screen if needed, and have sufficient PPE and equipment ) and then £10 per test completed. All tests will be provided to you free of charge, and Staffordshire County Council will provide an initial kit of PPE.

If you have any questions please email the contacts below. This is a great service, easily delivered in a community pharmacy setting and will help keep our communities safe whilst we are fighting this pandemic.


Central Health Solutions  

Simon Hay

Tania Cork (North Staffs and Stoke)

Peter  Prokopa (South Staffs)


For more information on LFT please see here

Here are a number of documents you should make yourself familiar with;

  1. This is a useful checklist that you can use to ensure all the processes are in place to run the LFT service. The check list as available as a word document  LFT checklist SoT or PDf  LFT checklist SoT
  2. This document outlines the equipment that you will need. This is funded by the up-front fee you will receive of £150 Equipment
  3. This is the SOP that have been wrote for you. It contains a lot of information and should be read asap by all staff expected to perform the service Covid Testing Standard Operation Policy v7 21 1 2021 There is also a Master SOP developed from the NHS that you should be familiar with MASTER Clinical SOP Template (ATS LFD) v2.8F
  4. Here is the service spec that each contractor will be working from CHS Covid-19 LTF Service Specification 2021 SoT Council
  5. A useful document to help staff understand how a patient should correctly take a swab  take swab sample
  6. This is a useful training guide developed for you to understand what is needed for all staff delivering the service Covid-LFT-Guide-Final  Please note that this document states the pharmacy will be paid £250 up-front however, it should state £150
  7. This document talks you through how the schedullista system works. you use this system to check which patients have been booked in, and also if you want to book a patient in. Schedulista Booking Software Stoke
  8. finally, some useful questions and answers that you may find helpful when running the service LFT FAQs
  9. if you need further PEE or tests use this form Lateral Flow Testing – Order Form ss v.4 and send/email to the relevant council – details on on the bottom of the document

List of pharmacies carrying out the service for Stoke City Council can be found here;

LFT site details


List of pharmacies carrying out the service in Staffordshire can be found here;

LFT Providers 040621

Staffordshire County Council have extended the service until Sept 2021


Posters – some will be delivered to the pharmacy, feel free to print more!



Stoke LFT Poster 3 A4 FLT td

Stoke LFT Poster 2 A4 td

Stoke 1 A4 fltn



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Some useful quick information can be found below;

What’s the eligibility criteria for this service?

7.1. The participant will be asymptomatic
7.2. The participant will consent to participation in the service (tick the consent box on Pharmacoutcomes)
7.3. The participant will consent to sharing their data with the National T & T programme
7.4. The participant will be 11 years or older
7.5. The participant will be a resident of Stoke on Trent, work or study in Stoke on Trent or have a Stoke on Trent GP(stoke pharmacies) OR resident of Staffordshire, work or study in Staffordshire or have a Staffordshire GP (Staffs pharmacies)
7.6. The participant must wear a face covering, only removing it to take the test


How do I record the test results?
Each pharmacy will have a site code which will be provided by CHS. Staff members

providing the service will need to set themselves up as a tester, following these instructions:
9.1. Go to
9.2. Click ‘I am a testing operative’
9.3. Sign up to an account
9.4. Username – add name with no spaces
9.5. Name – add full name of staff member
9.6. Password – choose a password

Once these steps have been completed CHS will approve, you will then be able to access the site and record results:

9.7. Sign in to
9.8. Scan the LFD barcode as per digital results recording process (Figure 4) and digitally record the result
9.9. The area where the device was situated and equipment (i.e. pen, tray, etc.) are then cleaned after each batch anti-viral wipes
9.10. Once result has been logged, the device and consumables are disposed of as per the requirements outlined in the waste management section (12.3).

What are the payment terms?

10.1. CHS will pay a fee of £150 one off fee to each participating pharmacy.
10.2. CHS will pay a fee of £10.00 per test completed. All tests will be supplied free of charge to the pharmacy.
10.3. Payments will be made based on the information recorded on Pharmoutcomes. CHS will automatically generate a monthly payment based on total tests completed at each pharmacy, and send the remittance to participating pharmacies at the end of the following month.
10.4. Details of the testing service should be added to Pharmoutcomes on the same day of the completed test. Claims submitted which relate to tests over 2 months old will not be paid.
10.5. Payment will be made to participating pharmacies by CHS on a monthly basis.


What are the training requirements?

11.1. Pharmacy staff carrying out this service must access training. The link below is to the training video recommended by PHE for this test with accreditation questions provided.
All those to be involved in the test process must first undertake the training and pass the accreditation process. Clinical support is available through this process and thereafter for all trained testers.
Access token: 3wkcVi4UTX

11.2. Pharmacy staff should also watch the COVID-19: Donning and doffing of Personal Protective Equipment in Health and Social Care Settings video:

11.3. Pharmacy staff will be provided with face-to-face practical training in the pharmacy.

See also: Training Guide