Substance Misuse Stoke-on-Trent

Please be aware that from 1/1/18 Orion will be contacting you to inform you of the change in ordering process for stock for Needle exchange.  Initially you will need to place orders by phone and then that will go online.   The items of equipment are generally the same only exception will be the bins for clients will be slightly different.The online process from Exchange Supplies will then be switched off from 6/1/18..  Please contact Orion on 01869 244423   if you have any problems or email myself.

Kind regards

Lorraine Maden

Lead Clinical Pharmacist

*      07976303835






Please find below the SLA for observed consumption and needle exchange for all Stoke pharmacies delivering this service.

SLA SC Stoke

NEX template Stoke Lifeline 2016 Final

Contact Information useful numbers

Supervised Consumption Incident Report Form For Pharmacies

PLEASE NOTE data and claims for this service are via Webstar

The commissioners are LifeLine with Lorraine Maden being your point of contact. please email



We have noticed recently that quite a few calls are coming in to our main reception.  Please can I remind you all that the number to use to inform us of missed pick ups or any other concerns regarding Lifeline clients should be the SPOC line
07809 105452
Emily Taylor monitors this phone and will generally pick up calls 9-5 Monday to Friday.  In her absence someone else has responsibility to cover this phone.  If the answerphone comes on she is on another call. Please leave a message clearly stating your contact name and the pharmacy you are calling from and your number, the nature of your call and whether you need a call back.  She will endeavour to respond if needed as soon as possible.  Outside of these hours please leave a message and it will be picked up the next working day.  There is also an email address you can use if you would prefer.  This email address again is monitored throughout the day.

If you have any problems from this point onwards with getting a response please let me know however please rest assured these are regularly monitored.  Any other numbers are not suitable and may mean messages do not get passed on.
Thank you for your cooperation.